Dancing Dust

"I was a newly arrived English girl living in Australia when I came across a body shimmer product that covered me in glitter and my addiction started.
As an avid pole dancer working in the erotic dance industry I realised lots of girls loved to shine and dazzle while performing. A year later the product we loved to use was gone, now it was my time to shine.
Dancing Dust was born on my journey to create the perfect glitter which included many trials, lots of different formulas and fun. Underpinning everything I did was my passion of environmental responsibility which meant I only choose materials that were recyclable and biodegradable. Each new batch was road tested by my willing friends which has culminated in the products I have today.
The pole grip variation was a happy accident stemming from test feedback indicating the product could be slightly slippery on the pole if you had dry skin, and so I created Dewy a body shimmer with added pole aid. 
  Dusty for sweaty Betty’s like me came just after. This one is super absorbent and contains rosin for grip. Both products I envisioned mid routine, during a comp or performance, knowing that your grip is not as secure as the start and needing to add additional grip. Then having the ability to swipe Dancing Dust from your body and acquiring that grip needed to confidently finish. 
  What a journey it has been so far from sourcing raw materials, formulating products, running hundreds of tests to where now my products are being enjoyed by many wonderful and inspirational women who carry my sparkle to the world. I hope you enjoy Dancing Dust as much as I do!"

- Dancing Dust